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2605 Nicholson Road
Suite 3200
Sewickley, Pennsylvania 15143

Mission Statement

   Independent but not alone

Partner with an organization devoted to your success: Our Multi-Level, “You First” Approach Sets Us Apart!
With a strong 20-year track record as an independent financial advisory firm, Benchmark offers you the opportunity to take your practice to the next level without having to do it alone. We know first-hand that our experienced team and respect for your goals along with a “can do” culture that jump starts and accelerates an advisor’s career. Our goal is to empower your independence with regional support so you will achieve your objectives on your terms.

Benchmark Services to grow and prosper:

  • Benchmark’s staff provides support, training, computer/IT support and compliance plus business development
  • Social Media Marketing Program through our affiliation with Cetera Advisor Networks, we offer website tools that connect you with clients and fills your pipeline. Cetera's social Connect2Clients tool helps with communications, education, marketing and new client development with Facebook and your website.
  • Benchmark meetings to share with others and help grow business
  • Benchmark insurance services for your clients
  • Benchmark investment committee for model portfolios and portfolio trading
  • The Pentameter Tool for practice management platform provides insight for your business allowing you to strengthen your client relationships.
  • CFP - Financial Planning Associate: Our staff person will complete and update your financial plans to help you be more productive